Project Peace (Ludum Dare 23)

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Theme: Tiny World. Status: finished.

My first entry

Hello! This was my first entry on a Ludum Dare compo ever! I called it "Project Peace" because I wanted to make a game with no violence at all.
This is a small exploration/mistery game about a giant lost in a tiny world and the tiny people he meets.

Tools I used

My language of choice was Java (2D API) and I worked with the Eclipse IDE for coding, Paint.NET for the graphics and sfxr for sound effects.

The source code

I released the source code as unlicensed on Sunday, April 22th. You can get it here.

The event

Ludum Dare 23 happened between April 20th and 22th, 2012.

Track me

Twitter: @ghRibacki
Tumblr: ghRibacki, Matilhabits
Ludum Dare profile: ghRibacki


Day 1: Made a basic graphics engine with a sprite sheet, keyboard input and multiple scenes support.
Day 2: Decided the game style (platformer) and made a basic level engine and some sprites.
Day 3: Entities, dialogs, level design, sprites, script, etc...